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The Convertible Collection from Le Stage is a must have in every women's jewelry box with over 70 different clasps to choose from the possibilities are endless. Click on this link above to see the entire collection as well as the Cape Cod jewelry line.


Award winning designer of

Platinum Guild International Design Competition.


Beautiful interchangeable jewelry including, rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants. Also an amazing collection of Victorian inspired slides and slide bracelets with a modern flare.


Wearable memories that span a lifetime and that will last forever. Collect these jewels to remind you of those special occasions and the special people in your life.


Frank Reubel’s contemporary fine jewelry designs are both unique and exquisite. If you are looking to stand out in a crowd look no further. With his attention to detail and use of eye catching stones Frank Reubels's designs are guaranteed to get noticed.

Larimar by: Marahlago

Our newest addition to our wide variety of exclusives available here. Marahlago is the designer who has taken larimar and produced a beautiful and unique line of jewelry incorperating sterling silver and many other gems to create their beautiful line. Larimar is found only in one place in the world. It is hand mined on an island in the Dominican Republic, and we are proud to be one of the retailers to carry this product. Most pieces are in stock and available, but if not available, please be aware that these unique pieces could take up to 8 weeks to ship if not in stock.


At the heart of Chrysalis is everyone’s favorite bracelet -- the expandable bangle with its vast assortment of charms and stones which can be worn alone or stacked in an arm party full of hopes and dreams. More than just decorative charms, each tag carries a special meaning to attract positivity and good energy. The bangle’s unique mechanism makes each piece adjustable for a perfect fit every time. All Chrysalis bangles are 14 karat gold-plated or rhodium-plated.

Iconic and symbolic, Chrysalis collections provide balance and focus, offering healing powers, bringing good luck and summoning up favorite memories. 

Steven Douglas


The typical new Steven Douglas Design involves at least 40 hours of old world craftsmanship without the aid of computer technology. The highest quality metals and materials are utilized, classic 14K gold and sterling silver. The highest quality pearls are selected for cleanliness and luster, the finest gemstones are selected for rich color, outstanding cut and clarity.

Petra Azar "Stronger Together"

Sterling silver interchangeable jewelry that uses magnets to eliminate the need for a necklace clasp. Each of the pieces tell a different story about love and the mysterious forces that draw us magnetically together.

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